Small group of passionate people that would help you to go big with all our heart and dedication.
We are persistence and resilience to learn and grow.

It all started with trust and managed to achieve many progressive results.

Living as your

Digital Partner

We help to create Crowd for your brand by integrated marketing strategy. We come with proven result and guarantee.

CCN Values

Group of Crows to make a Crowd

In Everyday we should #BeProud to our values


Enjoy looking for new things to support work, consider several aspects in making decisions, and appreciate differences of opinion.

Open Mind

The more you listen, the more you learn, don’t you ever block ideas from anyone. We are here plan, execute, and inspire

Data Driveness

Able to make decisions based on correct and complete data analysis, maintain data confidentiality and not share passwords, and provide data needed by other parties according to their authority.

Problem Solver & Innovation-Oriented

Never give up, make failure, be responsible for it, take a lesson for the future, realize ideas for new and better ways, and proactively respond to changes that occur.

Continuous Improvement

Be proud but not easily satisfied, document all activities as input for improvement, evaluate achievements for further improvements and always look for better solutions.

We are confident in the quality of work
and capabilities that we have as a team.


  • Find a new partner after the team are ready
  • Focused on long term partnership
  • Execute ideas with timing and precision
  • Experienced handling ads budget


  • Find a “spotlight” that partners not see
  • Always thinking and improving with a business mindset
  • Stay humble but hungry
  • Full of curiosity
  • Take decision based on data
  • Convert assumption into data

In order to get the maximize result,
we never satisfied, strive for challenges
and always crave for more improvement.

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