Hey, We are

PT Mahakarya Digital Asia (Crowd Creative Network) indonesia-based company engaged in the creative economy and tourism.

Living as a provider of various kinds of services, we always do our best to collaborate with clients, focus on work, and totality is always a priority for us. 

Over the past 4 years we have experienced handling various clients and partners from local companies, enterprises, BUMN and multinational companies in a variety of services and industries with a proven result in every channel.

We believe Indonesian tourism is a world-class tourist destination so we help introduce Indonesian tourist destinations and We believe local products can compete, amidst the rapid development of digitalization.

 From the point above, we have taken the initiative to help introduce tourist destinations, businesses, brands, customer experience through technology and creativity so as to be able to encourage the growth of creative economy players and advance Indonesian tourist destinations.

We are always growing and improving with a 15 + team members.

Years of Experience
Satisfied Clients
Completed Projects

The numbers show you we experienced in handling various industries of brands.

Our Value

We are confident
in the quality of work
and capabilities that
we have as a team.

In order to get maximize result, we never satisfied, strive for challenges and always crave
for more improvement.


Enjoy looking for
new things to
support work,
consider several
aspects in making
decisions, and
difference of

Open Mind

The More you
listen, the more you
learn, don't you
ever block ideas
from anyone. We
are here to plan,
execute, and inspire.

Data Driven

Able to make
decisions based on
correct and complete
data analysis,
maintain data
confidentially and
not share passwords,
also provide data
needed by other
parties according to
their authority.

Problem Solver &
Inovation Oriented

Never give up,
make failure, be
rersponsible for it,
take lesson for the
future, realize ideas
for new and better
ways, and proact-
tively respond to
changes that occur.


Be proud but not
easily satisfied,
document all
activities as input
for improvements,
for further improve-
ments and always
look for better

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